Welcome to Fastcom

Fastcom is a leading Danish company supplying innovative technology and expertise in GPS, GSM and RFID solutions.

Our innovative approach towards in technology development and improvement makes Fastcom an innovator in the field of producing GPS, GSM and RFID Systems solutions directed to address the needs of our clients.

We offer a wide and sophisticated range of GPS, GSM and RFID solutions in the industry, for example, Game and Dairy Farming, Shipping, Freight Logistics and Forwarding as well as in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our solutions make it possible to perform track, trace and recover, by monitoring your shipments, containers and temperature controlled consignments – along the entire distribution channel.

Intelligent Surveillance & Intelligent RFID Solutions

Taking RFID to a higher level…..!

Our Industry Focus

Animal & Dairy Farming

Our Intelligent Active Animal MicroTag records animal activity at the residing location in real-time

Road & Rail Freight

Monitor your high value products whilst in transit by vehicle location, follow the route map, observe temperature, shock and acceleration impact

Wildlife & Game Farming

Real-time monitoring of your Wildlife Animals or Game Farming

Air Freight

Cost effective reliable temperature tracking and logging of temperature sensitive cargo during air transport

Intermodal Containerised Freight & Logistics

Increased containerised security using Fastcom E-Seal monitoring system

Health-care, Pharmaceutical, Clinics and Hospitals

Long term data logging and monitoring of Temperature Sensitive Medical Products

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