About Us

Fastcom is a leading Danish company supplying innovative technology and expertise in GPS, GSM and RFID solutions.

We are in the leaders in our field, and we endeavour to maintain an innovative approach in terms of technology advancement, new developments and improvements in order to remain relevant and sustainable by producing technology enabled business solutions directed to support and service the needs of our clients.

The technical team behind the new generation of Active Tags have more than 15 years of experience in the field of GPS, GSM and RFID technology. Throughout various projects in mainly Scandinavia, Asia and Africa, the latest tag Technology has been made more reliable and cost efficient. The hart of the hardware – to collect the data from the active tags – is the GGT system. From a simple standalone system the GGT module has now been developed to be Incorporated into various applications like trucks as well as drones.

Most recently, Fastcom has partnered with Danish professionals to develop a unique system to monitor and measure the animals breeding activity levels for Dairy and Game Farms.

Meet Our Team

Ole Fast - Director
Mogens Andersen - Commerclal Director
Klaus Roy-Poulsen - Project Manager
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