Cow tags - Danish farm associations

As the first country in the European Union, Denmark has introduced the mandatory use of electronic ear tags for identification of cattle.

Many herd owners are asking for these mandatory ear tags to also be able to measure the activity of the animals.

So far, activity measurements are achieved by means of expensive and specialized equipment, and are therefore typically only used on few animals within a given herd, mainly for estrus detection. A change in the cow’s activity can however also be an indication of disease or other problems. If the activity of all individual cows were monitored, the measurements could be used as part of the general health surveillance.

This improved surveillance would mean earlier detection, and thus earlier reactions, to various problems.

This would mean better animal welfare as well as earlier, and therefore more efficient, treatments of diseases, which is expected to reduce the use of antibiotics and other forms of medicine.

Fastcom has developed an intelligent active animal tag (Cow tag) which is permanently placed on an individual animal (battery life of min 10 years), and which is significantly cheaper than the currently available options.

It is possible for our Fastcom Ear tag to determine the health state of the cows, such as estrus, lameness, and mastitis.

Thus we expect that monitoring of activity will spread to more herds, as well as to more cows within individual herds – like our South African project !

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