Active Animal Tag


Latest development
  • Latest development​
  • The new generation of Active Animal tags incorporates a small low-power microprocesser and a RF-tranciever (433 MHz) for communication
  • Especially designed for both free range cows as well as dariy and meat cows. Beside the standart LF Passive tag features, this new Active tag adds the following.
  • Features:
  • Features: Long battery life up to 10
  • years Low overall weight up to 20 gram
  • The new animal tag combines conventional animal ID marking with passive and active Rfid informationoptions.​


  • Features:
  • Unique identification of the single animal from cradle to grave
  • Positioning and identification of animal (incl. free-range cows/animals)
  • – Efficient control of the farmer's animals
  • – Both indoor and outdoor positioning of the animal
  • Activity level measurement for heat time and health monitoring
  • More efficient, reliable and economical farming with the multiple animal monitoring system
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