The FastCom E-Seal


The E-seal© contain a high strength steel pin which also functions as the antenna. The bolt part houses the active TAG and the battery.

The TAG becomes active when the seal is assembled and is deactivated when the steel pin is cut.

The E-Seal© uses a small low-power microprocessor and an RF-transceiver (433 MHz) for communication. A built-in battery in the unit makes it operatable for a minimum of 3 years. The radio transmits a unique ID number for each E-seal©.


Transmitting: Date, time & position for E-Seal© when activated
Provides both physical & electronically security within the scope of a container seal
Smart identification of high risk containers that has been tampered with during transport / transit.


High-strength steel pin and bush for added security. The steel pin functions as the antenna for transmitting the unique RFID (identity). If the steel pin is broken or cut the RFID signal will stop.


Battery life and activation:
Internal battery with a lifetime of approx. 4 months after activation. The RFID transmitter is automatically activated when the two parts are joined together.

433 MHz

Range approximately 100-300 meters.

The transmitted ID number matches the seal number on the base.

After use, the security seal must be disposed of in a proper way since the unit contains a battery and electronics parts.

Beneath the ABS Housing:
Unlike the majority of bolt seals, the Klicker bush is made of an all metal high-strength steel construction. The clip – the actual locking mechanism – is embedded in a groove in the all metal bush, making the seals stronger and more difficult to tamper. Together with the embedded RFID electronics the seal can be easily checked for tampering – either by visual inspection or by a portable RFID reader. The transmitted signal can also be read using our GGT-units.

Typical applications of the Klicker seal include the container in general and shipping and intermodal containers in particular. The Klicker is also widely used for ground transportation.

Better security with the innovative use of materials and industrial design, embedded with the security of modern RFID technology.

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