GPS, GPRS/GSM and Tag reader is a small unit with internal computing power.

The unit can be operated as a stand-alone device that communicates by GPRS/GSM (mobile phone) with a central system i.e. as a track & trace device.

The unit can communicate with MicroTAG©´s and transmit TAG-informations to a central communication server.


The GGT unit is a small GSM (integrated GSM antenna) and GPS receiver with the internal microprocessor.
The unit can be used in a standalone configuration, it can be used with external displays or tag readers or it can be used as an I/O module connected to a PC/PDA via a USB interface (optional). The unit features a built-in RF transceiver (433MHz) that can read RFID tags and transmit data (and be used as a radio beacon for triangulation).

The GGT unit will normally be powered from an external 5v-50v power supply, but it can operate for several days using the internal battery in case the external supply is removed. The unit can be put in a ‘power down’ mode, enabling the unit to operate without external power supply for up to a month.

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